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Rope Services
A rope is a very important part of a ship's operation in port. The rope quality, and the crew's knowledge and experience with mooring, towing and lifting, is vital for deck safety and cost of ownership.
Rope Delivery On Board
Trion delivers the ropes on time, on site, on standard, on budget. Once you got confirmation, consider it done! Ropes will be delivered from stock or from production in short notice.
Rope Splicing
Onboard and onshore splicing of any type of rope.
Some ropes are required to be spliced by experts.
Rope Break Test
We offer break testing of both fiber and steel wire ropes for Breaking Load and residual strength.
Rope Inspection
Onboard survey of ropes and rope deck equipment.
We survey both fiber and steel wire rope.
Rope Installation
Trion surveys the installation of the ropes from ship owner's point of view so that the ropes could perform safe and to its proper lifetime.
Chafe Protection
Some ropes are extremely expensive yet with critical weakness against abrasion and wear. Trion provides proper chafe protection materials to protect the ropes from the contact/abrasion points to maximize economy of the ropes.
Rope Training
Classroom and / or onboard training of officers / crews in the use, maintenance, discard criteria and splicing of ropes.
Global Coverage
DAEHAN and TRION deliver ropes and services to the maritime industrial customers worldwide through offices, partners and stock points in the world. Our global coverage includes Rotterdam/Netherland, Hamburg/Germany, Piraeus /Greece, Barcelona/Spain, Oslo/Norwa...
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